There are two options for arranging from one room. Part 1

There are two options for arranging from one room. Part 1
Sometimes even the most unpredictable combination of room functionality visually looks very attractive. The main thing is to try to connect correctly using colors and textures. For example, as an option, it is possible to combine a laundry and a personal office, no matter how unexpected it may seem. Advantages: space looks proportionate, and the big difference between the goals is dimly expressed. Disadvantages: the room remains the same in size, which can adversely affect the functionality of one of the tasks. For example, the residents of the house will not always be in the laundry room when you need to work. Bottom line: to equip an easily vulnerable space so that there is an impression of privacy, for example, to shield the necessary part on the sides so that nothing visually distracts, and there is a small personal space.
How to divide the room: using distraction?
In order to separate one room into several, without equipping partitions, doors and other elements, it is necessary to attract attention with other objects. Most often, furniture is used for this, which will stand out in bright colors from the general interior, attracting attention to yourself, and distract from what you want to hide. Advantages: the area of ​​the room remains single, free and bright, performing all the functional tasks, some hidden from the eyes of strangers. Disadvantages: If you can easily hide additional functions from space, then there are no shortcomings in this option. Bottom line: It is possible to apply this variation if the alleged parts are not very contrasted with each other, otherwise there may be inconsistency.
How to create two from one room using an arch?
The design element, by the type of arch or partly divided by the wall, will help to fulfill two main tasks: to divide the space, in fact without sharing it. Light will enter without obstacles from the far to the near, the arch will not affect the free movement in any way. Advantages: Classification can be clearly seen and perceived. Disadvantages: Unhindered penetration of extraneous sounds and smells. Bottom line: using this option to separate rooms for housing or work. It will be wonderful to equip the parents' room from the nursery, or the guest room from the bedroom.
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