Tiny Thief: Overview Friv Game

If you are expecting the release of Thief and are very upset when you find out about its regular release date, then we dare to invite you to pass the day or two for Tiny Thief . There is no “grafon”, cool orchestral music or high-precision gadgets. But there is a little blond-haired hero in a hood who sleeps and sees how to fool a security guard once again, steal bread from his nose (tomatoes, cheese, etc.), and then distribute all this stuff to the poor. Play best friv games site.

It is worth mentioning one crucial point. The publisher of Tiny Thief is Rovio , famous for its birdies of different colors and flight levels. If there is no pathological dislike for this company, then feel free to go to iTunes or Google Play for a purchase. The blessing will have to be pitied very trifle - three dollars.

The gameplay in Tiny Thief is built in a very familiar pattern. There is a set of levels with certain tasks, the impeccable implementation of which promises many bonuses, buns and endless asterisks. Only, unlike Angry Birds , dilemmas will have to be resolved less trivial.

Steal a piece of cheese, grab a tomato, collect sweets, distribute to the poor. The latter will be done automatically - you just have to wait until the end of the next “race” and see a fleeting comic sketch. Equipped sentries will impede the accomplishment of thieves affairs with a noble background. As a rule, they are stupid and cumbersome, but exceptions occur.

Our little thief is also able to do something. For example, hide in haystacks (hello, Assassin's Creed heroes !), Slide down from the curtains hanging down (and you, Prince of Persia!), Sit in shelters and climb stairs.

Moreover, the hero can get rid of a particularly annoying guard in some very cynical way. For example, feed some animal, cook in something very boiling and so on. At such moments, Tiny Thief , as you understand, is particularly strongly abstracted from innocuous games with flying birds.

Premonition tells us that Tiny Thief will not be able to gain the popularity that the Angry Birds series projects already possess . The miscalculations in mechanics and sometimes malfunctioning controls make it necessary to lower the previously planned estimate by one point. Perhaps subsequent Tiny Thief, uh, Seasons or Tiny Thief Star Wars will change the situation.

Pros: thieves fishing in favor of universal justice; interesting situations and unexpected outcomes; nice visual style and the same audio.
Cons: quirks with controls and drop-down buttons, tips.

I definitely need to do up a list like this! I need focusing especially after maternity leave.

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