Tips for completing Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Tips for Beginners # 4

The last types of enemies are the largest. Three enemies meet this criterion: a fat man with a pot, a creature that spits with larvae, and a mutant with “scissors”. In the first case, you should beware of bullets fired from his pot. They do a lot of damage and set you on fire (you lose control over your character for a short time). When fighting such an enemy, aim at the head, preferably from a shotgun or other powerful weapon. Spewed larvae are not mobile, but nevertheless they can be dangerous - the creatures created by them cause great damage and blur the screen, making the fight difficult. The orange bulb found in the central part of their body is their weak spot. You should give preference to killing them, as blurring the screen will make it difficult to shoot at other enemies and evade enemies trying to catch you.

To fully uncover this weak enemy, you must shoot all his limbs or, even better, set him on fire.

Charging the “cock” with scissors deserves a separate entry. You will meet this enemy in the Barry campaign. Fighting him is very difficult because of his strength and “armor”. The enemy has one, rather large, weak spot, but in order to effectively shoot at him, you must first reveal it. The easiest and most effective way to do this is to destroy the cap created by the limbs connected to the body with the help of a firebomb bottle. Only after that the orange spot becomes fully exposed, which allows you to effectively attack. During the battle, watch if the enemy is not too close to you (attack), since the capture of his scissors ends in immediate death.

Helper characters can also be helpful.

No matter what enemies you encounter, remember a few rules. First of all, aim at weak spots (orange bubbles) or at the head / trunk to do more damage. In the case of weak enemies, you can use a knife or crowbar / bricks, especially after increasing the amount of damage done by these weapons in the ability menu. You can use the help of Moira and Natalie in another way - Moira will blind your enemies, making them temporarily vulnerable to the last blow, and Natalie will show you the location of all enemies, including invisible ones. It works through walls. Moira can also kill enemies.

I definitely need to do up a list like this! I need focusing especially after maternity leave.

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