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A. Burovs in his story that the triumvirate of nature, music and love can even make an imp a person, personifies nature, which sees and hears everything. In other words, nature - flowers, trees and so on - has eyes and ears. And - well, just crazy! - the stone even has glasses. For some reason, I remembered the mossy, cracked gray stone of E. Birzniek-Upit. The heart of this stone, responding to human sorrows, trembled with pity. The writer in The Stories of the Gray Stone animated the stone with the art of words, the master animators do this with the help of their artistic expressiveness.

One could, of course, not talk about such commonplace truths as two plus two equals four, for the image of nature in the film is organic, the taste has never changed the set designer Gediminas Kotello, there is no arrhythmia in the figurative system, which was feared two years ago producer. Perhaps, on the contrary, the film is charged with the music of the composer Ivars Wigners and the fast-moving, mischievous energy of the action, truth be told, unexpected for A. Burovs' lyric-contemplative nature. The authors of the film look with good-natured humor at the technically well-equipped infernal world (even a skinny dog ​​that guards the gates of hell is equipped with a microphone), because it has long been known that everyone creates his own hell. And absolutely indefatigable mischief swept both puppeteers - Gunar Treibergs and Janis Zimmermanis - in a scene where the devils, jumping on gymnastic horses, develop a mad jump, as if under them mustangs.

Yes, we couldn’t talk about all this, because the film was made professionally and doesn’t need to be clipped to it like a fig leaf, saying, as it would if ... But soon A. Burovs will have to start work on the two-part puppet film “I Will Wait for You ...” based on the novel by J. Ezerins, and the curator is not clear again - this time in the relationship between two heroes, two lovers, whose feelings are fanned by the harsh winds of the 1905 revolution. Then the director plans to work based on the poetry of A. Chuck. The plot frame of the film, its plastic metalogy, is already appearing mentally. It is necessary to solve a difficult task: to introduce the image of the poet himself, moreover, made by means of sculpture. But by that time, I would hope that all these issues will already be entirely in the purview of the new art council.

Director Janis Zimmermanis is also working on an unusual topic for animation. For the first time, a puppet film (scriptwriter Ilmars Elerts) touches on such a topic as universal death as a result of an atomic catastrophe, contrasting a vast desert covered with poisonous dust filled with life, a blossoming world (its hostility to humans is also felt in the poster on the second cover of this issue, by the author which is the movie director Maris Putnins).

J. Zimmermanis in his film “The Way” continues, only in an extremely aggravated form, the theme already touched on by him in the previous film - that the world will be saved by mercy. In the film Living Friend, this thought is concentrated in a climactic allegorical scene when a freckled girl who saved a kitten from a burning house leaves the rainbow-lit road. It’s hard to find an explanation in the still realistic course of the film’s development, therefore, many in the audience whispered in bewilderment: “Where is she going?” However, it is most significant that, due to reverence for the scriptwriter A. Burovs, “ faces are an uncommon expression ”, which I would like to feel in the work of a young director.

Four films - such is the annual crop of animators. And each of these films - no matter whether it is puppet or painted - is born in the long and difficult joint work of a large collective. The author’s beginning in each of them is all the more valuable. If you are signing up for several easy store credit cards to get with bad credit score, click through the up coming website page the credit bureaus might imagine that you're weak to a dangerous indebtedness.

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