Residential Problems & Divorcing Parents

Hundreds of people in the world end up divorcing. It’s often the final step of a long and stressful journey made of discussions, misunderstandings and an overall bad relationship between two married ones.

Normally, the home is the most important place and value for each couple. Now, let’s consider also that most people are emotionally connected to their home because this represents their past and present time and because they hardly could find elsewhere to go.

Child Custody: Who And How


As to child custody, we have to say that sudden changes in their lives may have a disastrous effect on their psychological balance. For this reason, many attorneys in this field tend to suggest the divorcing couple of making a written agreement before one of the two moves out.

In the written agreement the two parents have to schedule how and when they will take care of the kids, what tasks they are likely to accept and so on.

In the case, the parents can’t reach any form of agreement about parenting, the parent who moves out must ask the court to decide a parenting schedule.

Who Has To Take Care Of The Home


When one parent moves out, the other parent is likely to stay in the home. This means that who stays will also have to take care of all maintenance services that are necessary to keep the home in a decent condition. A first step would be to get in touch with a  well-established locksmith company in your area. You do want to have your locks exchanged even if this may feel a bit unnecessary if you're having a good relationship through the divorce.

The matter of fact though remains, as soon as someone is moving out, no matter who it is, you should always change the locks. As there probably more than one Locksmith service in your area, the best thing would be to ask family, friends, and people in the neighborhood for recommendations. Many Locksmiths like work across the nation but it's easy to search online by using terms like "locksmith near me" or "locksmith+your city" and then contact the site owner individually. One thing to remember is that a Locksmith today doesn't only know how to pick a lock . Instead, they have become experts on basically anything related to home safety and can help you secure your home in a way that will make both your wallet and the insurance companies, very happy.

Who Has To Move Out?


However, in a divorce one of the two parties has to take the decision to leave the home. The question of whether one person should move out in a divorce is always a complicated interrogative to answer, even for the most skilled attorneys and professionals. Let’s consider that every single situation depends on a specific and unique set of circumstances. So, in general, the following points could be taken as valid:

In the case of domestic violence, the judge may decide that the spouse has to move out
If children are at risk, it’s reasonable to take them from the home as well
When a woman decides to move out with the kids, she must obtain a court order for temporary custody over the kids, otherwise, she might be accused of kidnapping
Although there’s no violence, two individuals who are going into a divorce should always avoid sharing the same home so to save themselves or kids from daily conflicts

I definitely need to do up a list like this! I need focusing especially after maternity leave.

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