Why is it unreasonable to send sinners to hell?

[i] [b] 1. [/ b] Definition with terminology
[b] 2. [/ b] The deep essence of nature itself
[b] 3. [/ b] Name of a sound concept [/ i]

[b] First you need to decide on the terminology [/ b]
To understand why sinners are unreasonably sent to hell, you need to know what hell is and who sinners are. Hell is a place of endless torment for people. Sinners are people who have committed some unnecessarily negative action. Sin is a crime. It would seem that the villains should get into a place of endless torment, right? But no.

[b] The deep meaning of nature itself [/ b]
Sinners are those who have committed a bad deed. It's simple, huh? But sinners are not the authors of their actions. The fact is that sinners did not commit a negative act of their own free will. Would a person voluntarily do something disgusting? Of course not. Sinners did a bad deed for the reason that they were affected by a combination of coercive and motivating factors. For example, a murderer can commit crimes out of thirst for murder or because of material need, prompting the taking of money, which entails murder. However, the serial killer does not create the desire to commit crimes. Also, a man forced to kill someone because of a financial need did not create this very need in the world. Accordingly, there is death as a fact, there are instruments of this death (people), but there are no longer any culprits in deaths. It turns out that there is no sin, and therefore it’s incorrect to put the instruments of death (people) in a place of endless pain. It's like punishing predators for killing their prey.

[b] What is the name of such thinking? [/ b]
The concept that people are not the authors of their own actions is called the word "determinism". This concept assumes that good, as well as evil, are all absent. But why? The thing is that evil and good consist of some actions. Actions, in turn, consist of thoughts and desires: if wanted - did. However, thoughts and desires arise not by the will of people, but under the influence of the world. And since everything is the surrounding world, there can be no place for such a thing as will. Yes, to feel like a puppet in the hands of nature is a painful event for many citizens. However, one must also take into account that the perception of oneself and the world through the prism of determinism leads to an increase in the level of intelligence and psychological freedom. If you like sex online, go to MyFreeCams video chat and watch live sex in chat.

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