Updating an old furniture wall

Once we suddenly notice that the old furniture wall, which still fits perfectly into the living room interior, has faded, small cracks have gone along the polishing, and small chips have even formed on the ends of the doors. But it’s a pity to throw away even more solid furniture, because a new wall is much more expensive to buy. And so you need to update it. First, remove all doors and windows from the wall cabinets. You can check the stability of the wall itself simply by swaying it, if there are no strong shifts and distortions, then you can start updating it. Evaluate the condition of furniture fittings and fixtures, if the wall is made of chipboard covered with a film, it happens that the end-fitting sockets become painted over time. Now consider what we need when working.
- putty on wood with mineral solvents or water.
- various furniture accessories (to completely change the appearance of the wall, it is desirable to replace it all).
- new furniture facades.
- paint - spray on wood.
- a screwdriver and a self-adhesive film.
Spray paint is useful to us, not only to restore the original color of the wall, but also in order to change it. It is only necessary to choose the right tone.
Now we begin directly our update. Let's check how the back wall is adjacent to the body, if there are cracks, nail it with furniture nails. Now examine the front of the wall and sidewalls. We will putty all the scratches, chips that we find. Putty should be matched to the color of the wall. When the putty is set, we apply the spray paint, applying it in such a way that the wood texture pattern is visible through the applied paint. Paint - spray to update the coating must be selected a tone lighter or darker than the old color of the wall. We must not forget that painting requires not only the outer part of the updated wall, but also the inner
If you want to thoroughly change the color of the wall, then paste it with a self-adhesive film with an imitation of wood texture. But if there is no experience in working with it, you first need to take a small piece of the board and paste it with film so that there are no wrinkles or skews in the picture of the wooden texture.
Next, you need to pay attention to the legs of the wall. If there is a need, they must be replaced. Especially on sale there are furniture legs of any style. If you wish, try changing the location of the niches and doors of the wall, or changing the location of open and closed niches by simply moving the doors from place to place. The most critical part of the upgrade will be the replacement of doors (facades). They can either be pasted over with film, or ordered in a furniture workshop. There are many materials for facades, these are MDF and painted or structured chipboard, doors with glass inserts. Therefore, you can not limit the imagination of changing your old wall. Alquiler vacacional Apartamentos en Calpe mejor precio garantizado

I definitely need to do up a list like this! I need focusing especially after maternity leave.

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