About online advertising

Internet advertising has undeniable advantages:
- wide audience reach.
- low cost in comparison with other types of advertising.
- Interactive capabilities that are no longer available in more than one business sector.
- a specific tool - targeting (the ability to direct certain users to view according to predetermined parameters: region, age, occupation, interests) - the impact of advertising on a specific circle of users interested in these products.
 Three main areas of online advertising:
1) Search advertising site
The approximation of an Internet resource in popular search engines for your key queries of interest to the first place in the list. According to statistics, the main flow of visitors comes to sites precisely through search engines. The difference between contextual and search advertising is obvious. Speaking about advertising, for example, on Google and about search advertising in the Google search engine, a person first of all turns his attention to the results of the search, since most people do not perceive search advertising and website promotion as advertising a web resource. The user does not have a negative attitude, which usually happens to intrusive advertising. Therefore, search advertising sites or promotion in search engines Yandex, Rambler, Google is one of the most effective tools to attract targeted users to your site. 2) Banner advertising
A banner is a graphic image posted on web resources of any subject. Often, banner advertising was used to increase the citation index of the advertised site, for which special banner exchange resources were even developed. This area of ​​Internet advertising is widely used today, however, the advertising function has shifted to attracting attention directly to the banner itself, so that the user clicks on the link to the website advertised by the banner. 3) Contextual advertising
Subject online advertising in the form of contextual, i.e. text ads, which are placed on thematic Internet sites or directly in popular search engines. Contextual advertising is displayed in search engines above the results of targeted user queries or in the right side of the sheet of the main search engine results. Contextual advertising of the site makes it possible to put forward your web resource without worrying about its TIC or PR in the TOP results above the search results and is a piece of text that matches the keywords and phrases with the theme of the website to which this fragment prompts the user to go. Contextual advertising, which is placed in the search results through popular search engines as a response to a targeted request specified by the user, gives good returns and contextual advertising that participates in search results on any other thematic web sites on the Internet. The article is written thanks to - the official drug store for men viagra where you can place your order online with fast delivery

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