The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Y8 Overview

What is Skyrim ? This is freedom. Long forgotten emotions. A living reminder that once we could devote several hundred hours to one game and not regret it a bit. If you are a long-time fan of The Elder Scrolls series , then acquaintance with the fifth part will also be a pleasant surprise for you, the destruction of all unnecessary fears. Yes, you feel different here than it was in the controversial Oblivion . On the contrary - everything is played out and delivered to infinity correctly, atmospheric, and exciting. Like the magnificent Morrowind . Emotions and bias are very difficult for us to hide. Play best Y8 Games at the website. But we will try to be objective, because in this case it will not affect the obviously super-positive final rating.

Searching for beautiful landscapes in Skyrim will become a separate entertainment for you already half an hour after the first launch. Every now and then you will come across something like this ...

Fus Ro Dah! The Elder Scrolls is not played correctly. They live in it. Skyrim just needed to fall under this truly correct description. She easily turned it. When you forget about a dream, you walk along the invented Bethesdaforests, fields, dungeons and cities, do not think about the main storyline. And after you expose many hours of admiring the local beauties as a mandatory attribute of the gameplay. And after all, there is the gathering of all kinds of useful things, participation in guilds (thieves, magicians, warriors - the main ones on the spot). Well, the hero is a chosen wanderer, a former prisoner. Peaceful passers-by, who in a sudden dialogue will surely squeeze out something in the spirit: “Come on faster, I have no time for fools.” And then they will hang around in a small area, imitating violent activity. All this has already become an obligatory cultural program of role-playing projects-phenomena of the level of The Elder Scrolls . It is strange to realize such a fact, but for such nominal conventions I want to love this series.

Guilds in The Elder Scrolls have traditionally received a lot of attention. Apart from the confrontation of two large formations (the Imperial Legion and the Storm Brotherhood), you can earn maximum respect in all groups at the same time. And in the case of the first two, you will have to make a difficult choice - starting to serve for the glory of the Emperor, do not expect indulgence in the camp of fans of Ulfric Petrel. Well, you can complete tasks for Companions (they are the Guild of Fighters), the Dark Brotherhood, the Guild of Thieves (inconspicuous bastards, who are in weak positions in Skyrim) and the College of Mages of Winterhold.

We forgave something and Skyrim . For example, secondary quests about "go down to the dungeon, kill everything that moves, bring me a very, very necessary item, get a sugar reward." Or ... no, these are all flaws. Yes, we again anathematize shameful objectivity and we hasten to declare that the new role epic from Bethesda has no drawbacks. Who would like to talk about them if the whole playing world has gone crazy, giving out kilometers of messages in the status lines of their favorite social networks, the general content of which comes down to the following: “Skyrim is the choice of the year. I scored three hundred hours, got married, bought a house, didn’t advance along the storyline at all. ”

Skyrim is beautiful. From sickening purity and variegated Oblivion palettenot a trace left. The province is filled with photogenic people, girls and women with the right faces and lovely smiles. If we have a forest in front of us, then it looks like a forest: with detailed simulated Christmas trees, bears, wolves, hares and deer. Physically correct behavior of water is a special chic. The developers themselves perfectly understood this and built indecently many waterfalls, river rapids, barely noticeable streams in the territory of the province of Skyrim, in which beautiful water boils and foams.

Throughout the world in continuous layers lies snow. In the southern regions, it is not so ubiquitous. But closer to the top of the map everything is covered with a dense white veil. And blizzards! How beautiful the snow is spinning here! The Elder Scrolls games have always taken a unique beauty for their soul, but in Skyrim everything is elevated to a new level. It is even more pleasant to realize that behind the external beauty lies the true depth and sophistication of the world, which was so lacking in the long-suffering Oblivion .

At first, it may seem that the engine in the new part of The Elder Scrolls is the same as last time. It gives the animation of the main character and texture. But in reality the technology is already new. Creation Engine - Bethesda Development. Designed specifically for Skyrim . We suspect that the word "new" developers meant "well-developed old." The lighting was very much tweaked, and the palette now does not hurt the eyes with its unnatural colors. During the passage you will never have the feeling that the artists were faked somewhere.

If you want to use Skyrim not only as a universal remedy for long meditation with soothing music, then disappointments are not expected for you either. Although, as we mentioned a little above, special revelations in terms of the overall formulation of the gameplay should not be expected.

But there are pleasant moments, and there are many of them. Only one combat system, which allows you to land on enemies with both hands, adds interest for long, long hours. As we wrote back in our preview, the possibilities for building the combat combination you need are unlimited. You can take a sword in each hero’s hand and turn it into a meat grinder full of determination and ruthlessness. If someone is more impressed with the “pumping” of magic skills, then here again no one forbids to “put” a healing spell on his right hand, and teach the second to teach bullets with ball lightning. The option "magic plus a metal mace with a knob" is also acceptable. At short distances, more power attacks are welcome. This is if you are armed with knives, of course. Hold the motion key and hit button - your dragonborn will sand the enemy with a special force equivalent to the speed with which a seasoned paratrooper smashes a stack of bricks on his head.

In Skyrim, you can master peaceful professions. For example, the craft of a blacksmith. Only now everything is arranged much more seriously. First you need to get ore with a pickaxe (no pickaxe - you won’t work). After the obtained raw material is remelted in the smelter into ingots. And then small manipulations with the skin and the direct manufacture of the necessary junk in the forge. Don't like this job? Well, provincial lumberjacks have always been needed.

The role system has been abolished somewhat in favor of greater universality. The division into classes has become quite arbitrary. Now, in order to be a brilliant magician with evil thoughts and a thin physique, you need to put on an ridiculous mantle with a long hood (for intimidation and general solidity, of course) and methodically improve the necessary skills. No hidden bonuses from the chosen specialization, fire.

But with acrobatics and athletics they acted quite judiciously. They were simply removed so that the player does not encounter a funny situation that could happen in the same Morrowind . The hero with the above-mentioned skills developed to the maximum immediately jumped onto the flat roofs of houses in Balmor and brought the furious guards to hysteria, running away from them along thick concrete fences.

The main three parameters are health, magic and stamina. With each new level, they can be increased by choice. The list of schools of magic disbanded one school - Mysticism. Not the most noticeable loss, to be honest. But to manage with one spell (that is, without blades and bows) has become much more fun. The visual effects that accompany all your witchcraft tricks are top notch. And if you still (more precisely, not “if”, but “strongly recommend”) “tie” a powerful “spell” under each arm, then an average battle with a bear can turn into a celebration of light.

But personally, we liked to fight with swords. Contributed to the selection of a spectacular finishing system and a set of delicious perspectives-blanks of a virtual operator. In Oblivion (not to mention Morrowind) the importance of the battle could not be comprehended at all, because the whole skirmish was like poking anxious men in armor with metal sticks at each other. Blood even spattered, but there was no deserved feeling of bestowal from all this mutilation. It's like shooting in Modern Warfare 3 or Homefront - the guns are cool, and it feels like blowing bubbles. So it was in TES - the swords were heavy and shiny, but they did not let me feel that the person whom you are now zealously striking really hurts. Whether business in Skyrim! Here, the animation was corrected, and with a scattering of delicious sounds, the torture hearing was appeased. And before the decisive blow, our hero of the northern latitudes manages to crank up such a meaningful hand in the air that sometimes the potential carrion, standing in front of him, becomes sorry.

I definitely need to do up a list like this! I need focusing especially after maternity leave.

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