The multifaceted culture of Switzerland

The culture of Switzerland is as versatile as the country itself, where for many centuries the customs and characteristics of the way of life of people living in the neighborhood, their cultural and religious traditions influenced each other.

 The culture of Switzerland is not even a mixture, but a monolithic alloy of all the best and interesting from all the peoples living here. Over time, the original components were transformed, as a result, a special Swiss flavor was added to everything French, Italian and German, not repeating anywhere else.

Musical culture

The musical culture of Switzerland is known to most people only by its once heard iodles. But even folk music is represented by many genres - songs on historical topics (you can sing a lot about Swiss history), dance and shepherd tunes.

Classical music is held in high esteem here. Many cities have their own symphony orchestras, and an inveterate music lover could roam the country year-round from concert to concert, from one music festival to another. The most famous can be called the International Jazz Festival, held in Montreux and the Lucerne Festival.

There were few composers who achieved international fame on the land of Switzerland, and most of them were engaged in their work somewhere in another country. However, musicians, singers and composers from all over the world willingly came and come here, and the population itself is very actively interested in music.

Literature, dramatic art, ballet. Dozens of world famous writers created their works here or described local places. Ernst Hemingway, Voltaire, Graham Green and Victor Hugo. Swiss writers are far less known in the world. Among the most famous Swiss writers are Gottfried Keller (novel "Green Henry"), Johann Spiri (novel "Heidi"), Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Hermann Hesse and Madame le Steel.

 In the local theaters, most of the performances are in German, French or Italian. This is natural for multilingual Switzerland, although tourists do not like it too much. A pleasant exception is the performance in traditional puppet theaters - here, knowledge of the language is practically not required. It can be noted that Zurich's Schauspielhaus is one of the most famous German-speaking theaters and the largest in the country. Here's what truly glorified Swiss theater art in the world: the Bejart Ballet Lausanne, a ballet company founded by Maurice Bejart. But getting into her performances is extremely difficult - you either have to book a ticket for several months or spend incredible money on it. Painting, sculpture, architecture

Somewhat more than literature, Swiss painting and literature are known in the world. Among the famous artists of the last century, the Swiss were many. Widely known:

Paul Klee, expressionist painter; Creator of fascinatingly unusual sculptures Alberto Giacometti; Creates already quite bizarre mechanistic creations from metal by Jean Tinguely; Max Bill is the founder and popularizer of the idea of ​​"concrete" art, who at one time paid tribute to abstract art.

If you believe the statements of the Swiss Tourism Council (and its employees know their business perfectly), for every thirty kilometers between St. Gallen and Geneva, you can confidently expect to find a worthy exhibition gallery.

The most important museums include the Zurich Kunsthaus, the Geneva Museum of Art and History, the Rosengart Collection in Lucerne, as well as the Berne Center Paul Klee and, perhaps, the Oscar Reinhart collection in Winterthur.

Switzerland plays a rather prominent role in modern architecture. Here you can see cities that have preserved their streets and entire areas almost untouchable since the Middle Ages and listed in the World Heritage of Humanity, as well as many more modern buildings that have become significant landmarks in the architecture of the twentieth century. I love how the website is organized into category – need a baby shower dress? Click here .

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