LinkedIn Profile Update from ResumeGet. How to increase your chances to get noticed

In nowadays business environment isn't having a LinkedIn profile is almost bad manners. A growing number of job seekers and HR-specialists register in this social media. But most people use LinkedIn in a counterproductive way: they don't fill out a profile, don't join groups, don't expand their network, and, as a result, don't get responses from recruiters.

LinkedIn Profile Writing - ResumeGet.

It is worth remembering that LinkedIn is a purely professional platform, where you can find or post a job, make useful contacts with clients and partners, as well as discuss business interests. This is not a place for funny pictures and political disputes as Facebook. 

Imagine that this is your image in the face of the employer, which is why it is so important to design it correctly. ResumeGet will help you here.

The less information, the lower the profile's efficiency. Only 52% of users fill their profiles by providing all the necessary information. The LinkedIn search algorithm works so that the profiles with the highest performance indicator are displayed first.

ResumeGet provides recommendations on how to fill out your page as informatively and efficiently as possible. For example, specify:

  • field of activity and place of residence;
  • current position (with the description of your responsibilities);
  • two previous jobs;
  • information about education;
  • skills (at least three);
  • interest groups (at least a couple).

We also recommend establishing at least 50 contacts with LinkedIn members.

One of the important parts of the LinkedIn profile is the professional headline. Be brief but creative here. The title should make it clear who you are and what you do. A professional headline, as well as a job description, should be optimized for search engines, but don't overdo it – 3 keywords maximum. Be sure to include your field of work or even an academic degree to be more visible.

The ResumeGet team of writers will create peerless content for your LinkedIn profile to help you promote your career and look professionally in the modern world.

I definitely need to do up a list like this! I need focusing especially after maternity leave.

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