How to deal with panic attacks yourself

The topic of panic attacks can be arbitrarily called quite fashionable. Regarding this ailment, whole discussions are being held in various television programs and on the pages of various magazines. Let's try to figure out what a panic attack is, how to recognize it and what needs to be done to cope with panic attacks.

Panic Attack Detection
To begin with, it would be nice to determine if what is happening to you at the moment is a panic attack. The fact is that some clinical situations are very similar in their symptoms to panic attacks, but they are not.

Rhythm disturbance
An example would be a rhythm disturbance. Those symptoms that are manifested in this case: dizziness, weakness and the fear caused by this, an unprepared person can take for a panic attack.

Angina pectoris
Some forms of angina pectoris can manifest as a panic attack. In fact, with angina pectoris it is accompanied, not only by pain, but also by bouts of fear, which, again, can be mistaken for a panic attack.
Also, similar diseases include hypertension, hypotension, some autonomic diseases, which can also be accompanied by unpleasant sensations and bouts of fear.

If something happens to you that you yourself define as a panic attack, you need to act quickly. First of all, you need to turn to a good general practitioner, who will prescribe you an ECG, holter, biochemical examination, maybe some other studies at his discretion.
Only after the organic cause is ruled out can we begin to treat a panic attack.

Antidepressants are used to treat panic attacks. These drugs are the only remedy that helps with panic attacks. What kind of antidepressant to use should be decided by a neurologist, or a psychotherapist, a person who has experience and knowledge in the treatment of this disease. Surely in every region there is a competent specialist who will help you choose the right course of treatment.
Often people have contradictions regarding the use of antidepressants since they have side effects, but in fact, the producers behave wisely and even the smallest actions are indicated as side effects and, in general, these drugs are well tolerated.
The course of treatment can be 1.5 to 2 years. This is the period that will allow you to effectively recover from panic attacks. Very often, girls show a show in an erotic chat. Much more interesting communication in private free sex cams with a girl in a video chat can be conducted through text messages. You can also turn on the webcam and probably the model will want to talk to you in person. To everything there is still alternatives, such as peeping Toms. We have a video chat room on various topics.

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