How to grow honeysuckle

Honeysuckle (Lonicera) was named for Adam Lonitser, a botanist, physicist, and mathematician from Germany, who lived in the sixteenth century. The term "Kaprifol" in Latin means "goat leaf", probably due to the fact that this plant likes to eat goats. In the language of flowers, the name Honeysuckle translates as "captivating dream." Honeysuckle capricole - climbing plant up to six meters, grows mainly in the Caucasus and southern Europe. However, it is very popular among gardeners, as it is unpretentious, decorative, grows quickly, has beautiful flowers, giving off an extraordinary fragrance. The leaves of the capricotus are strong, elliptical or broadly elliptical, on top - green, on the other hand - blue, the color is protected until late autumn. In June, the plant has flowers - they have an individual shape, an interesting color, at night they spread a wonderful aroma that is barely noticeable during the day. They bloom in general about three weeks, the flowers themselves fade after four to five days. Caprifol can live for more than fifty years. Vegetation plants can be made from April to late September. It blooms from three years old, fruiting - from four, but not abundant. Fruit ripening - in late July or early August.
Average winter hardiness. Requires a high soil moisture, sunny location, good care in the form of proper pruning of excess shoots. To pests and diseases quite invulnerable. Also this honeysuckle needs support. Which one - to choose a gardener, since the types of supports can be different - from metal to ordinary cords. With the support, you can give the plant a certain image, directing the shoots along its length. But with the help of the previously mentioned trim you can maintain the necessary shape. Honeysuckle and propagated by seeds, and cuttings, and layering. Seeds are harvested at the end of July. They are cleaned and dried, then stored at room temperature, occasionally moistened as needed. Reproduction in this way is a long process. Seeds grow long enough, require a lot of care. Cuttings when cutting should be still green, cut them in early July. The cuttings are planted in a greenhouse, additionally warmed, two or three centimeters deep and twenty-five centimeters at a distance from each other. Already planted cuttings should be moistened three times a day. In the fall or spring of next year, the landing can be planted at a permanent place of residence. A decoction of flowers is used in case of eye disease, and their fruits - as a diuretic. Also this plant is very melliferous. According to many legends, this plant means love, devotion, passion. Perfectly is suitable for decoration of a garden, an arbor, a porch or a house wall. Extract can be made from the flowers of porcelain, which is used in the aromatherapy and cosmetic industry. Our site uses the best hosting that provides fast downloads. Use server: for your website. Best plans for VPS hosting.

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