Infrared Radiation # 002

The study of living beings endowed with infrared emitters and receivers, showed that in terms of the accuracy of capturing heat rays, they are no worse than the most modern thermal imagers. That's just the processing of the information received, the situation is in their hands very badly. In the case of pit snakes, to which moccasins and rattlesnakes belong, a thin film is placed in the pits between the eyes and nostrils - the membrane. It contains about a thousand nerve endings per square millimeter, which are irritated by the flow of invisible rays emitted by the heated bodies of animals. At a distance of half a meter, the snake feels temperature fluctuations of one tenth of a degree (a modern thermal imager from a height of almost one hundred meters picks up the difference in the temperature of terrestrial objects at 0.25 C). Scientists have deprived the snake of hearing, sight and smell brought to it (just in case, wrapped in black paper) a lit light bulb. Snake instantly rushed at her. In order to make sure once again that it was the invisible rays that caused the snake's violent behavior, they brought a light bulb to the snake once more, but now it was unlit. The snake did not react to this. So, capturing infrared rays from heated bodies, she is not able, by comparing and analyzing, to recognize from them the physical qualities of objects.

The laws discovered by Max Planck are valid both in the living and in the inanimate world. All snakes swim beautifully and feel “like a fish in water”. Yet in the water, their victims are in less danger than on land. To attack afloat, the snake needs to raise its head high, which means to give yourself away. However, the snake has no other way out, since in the water the rattlesnake loses its amazing sensitivity. The answer is simple. Soon after the discovery of infrared rays, scientists found out what a transparent-looking and familiar substance, like water, almost never misses invisible rays. A simple proof of this is provided by Academician S.N. Vavilov in the book Sunlight and the Life of the Earth. To do this, do not need complex optical devices. When a bright spot of sunlight (47% of the energy of which, as already mentioned, constitutes infrared rays) collected by a magnifying glass, is aimed at an open palm, in a moment a person feels a burn. If you put some water in your palm, there will be no burning sensation. And the point here is not that water takes away excessive heat from the palm (it simply would not have time to do this), but that water absorbs infrared radiation. Is this property useful or harmful? Agricultural specialists using this & quot; raw material & quot; “At its discretion”, to benefit from it. A film of transparent material filled with water is placed on the soil. During the day, it absorbs excess heat from the sun, and at night it gives up. Shemale Roulette lets you watch up to four webcams at once, and sex chat with random shemales from around the world. Watch live transsexual sex chat Join for FREE and no credit card needed! 100% satisfaction! TS, shemale and tranny models live on free sex cams are exactly what you need. Join our models’ free chat rooms and enjoy their live sex shows.

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