Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game: Friv Overview

If you, having quickly overlooked the rating and pictures, didn’t close the page and didn’t set off to surf the web, then you now have a reasonable question: “What the hell is this?” That's when Konstantin T. offered me this toy for review, I asked him the same question: “What kind of garbage is this?” And also, when I was just learning to write reviews, I was told that the introduction should definitely have a question. And I know the right one: “What the hell is this?”

Paradox is a little weird company. She is either trying to maintain balance and maintain balance in the universe, or she is fulfilling some even more important mission, but Paradox is a developer and Paradox- the publisher - these are two so different offices that, having met on the street, they almost would have tried to push each other on the roadway, so that one of them was hit by a car.

Why this happens, and how the creators of the best global strategies manage to fill the market with the worst, is unknown.

And the first impression of Darkest Hour is never pleasant. According to the publisher, this is just a modification, and the modification is on the engine of the second Victory Day . After the third part, she already even looks somehow ... not very nice. No, no, I understand that these are global strategies, they should be sketchy, but just look at the first screenshot. How are you feeling?

And in addition, this is never a full game. This is more like an addition, a small alteration of Victory Day . They just serve this alteration under the guise of a self-sufficient project. Play online games at the best friv 2 games http://www.friv2online.com website.

Okay, now to the point. One of the features of Darkest Hour is its intelligence / espionage system , which has been improved over the Victory Day . Developers allow us to delve into the “shadow” side of global strategies. Playing medium-sized states is now more pleasant. For example, if you take control of Japan, you can begin to actively actively by spying and all sorts of sabotage pave the way for domination in Asia.

Plus, this thing is not at all routine - even if you lead a great power, you have a lot of opportunities to entertain yourself, and at the same time make the country stronger. It is necessary to get a couple of new colonies - we are trying to arrange a coup in small states, put our government there, and then force them to merge.

In the original Victory Days, espionage was also present - in the third part, we had to actively hunt for enemy agents and constantly send scouts to opponents. But there it was all very arbitrary. One could roughly indicate what they should do there. At Darkest Hour, we are free to give specific tasks. And that's great.

Another distinguishing feature is the time period. In fact, two campaigns are available. The first starts in the First World War, the other - before the Second. But if we often see events from 1933 in global strategies, then the beginning of the century is very interesting. The politics there is completely different, Germany is strong, but strong ... otherwise. Russia is still tsarist, its territory is "pre-revolutionary."

The number of countries is not impressive. After Victory Day, it’s completely ridiculous when we are allowed to control only the very coolest states. This is only the first time curious to complete the game when you lead a huge power that can bring the whole world to its knees. A completely different layer is to lift some Mozambique from its knees and show everyone in the region what color the blood in your veins is and what metal the eggs are from.

In general, despite the fact that Darkest Hour is quite capable of depriving either vision or a sense of beauty, you can spend time with this strategy. But why? It is intended for those who have completely passed the first, second, and third “Victory Days” , then tried “Europe” and went into grief with chess.

The average user will not understand what are the key advantages of the project. But then he will see millions of flaws. I had to sweat a lot in order to start enjoying Darkest Hour . In comparison with the epoch-making developments of Paradox, it looks like ... a modification. Just a small modification.

To the same heroes who nevertheless decide to play this, I inform you of the good news - the modification is fully translated into Russian. However, nobody cares. If you are inspired by the idea of Darkest Hour , probably in Victory Day you have already conquered the world by the Ivory Coast and therefore, even with your eyes closed, you can lead any country in any global strategy to prosper ...

Pluses: it weighs little; system requirements are so low that Darkest Hour runs not only on calculators, but also on accounts; everyone doesn’t give a damn about the game, that you can write anything in your merits - for example, here you can attack China and free it from the oppression of pandas.

Minuses:few fractions available; uninteresting campaign; sound design makes tampons stick in your ears, otherwise blood fills the keyboard and simply does not allow you to play normally.

I definitely need to do up a list like this! I need focusing especially after maternity leave.

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