Fast & Furious: Showdown: Friv Game Overview

The Fast and the Furious films do not claim high movie status - the script, directing and the work of actors as a whole do not grab stars from the sky, and all this could be attributed to category “B”. But they have the main thing - bright, charismatic personalities and a completely off-scale degree of insanity. It turns out, albeit somewhat untidy, rude, sometimes primitive, but terribly fascinating movie, which just does not give you time to get bored. That's about the same thing can be said about the racing action Fast & Furious: Showdown , timed to coincide with the release of the last for today, the sixth part of the Fast and the Furious.

Formally, before us is a fairly primitive in terms of technical performance clone of some of the latest Need for Speed . All the way, our heroes, as expected, are chasing after someone or after someone. These chases look simple - they can arrest you, but you can destroy the pursuers; you don’t have any talks of cops on the walkie-talkie, spikes scattered along the highway, or helicopters shooting us. Friv games play online at this website Play today at the best friv games.

Like other similar games, "Fast and the Furious: Fight"encourages hooliganism and destruction - for the demolition of poles, downed or disabled cars (especially policemen), travel at high speed under security cameras, provocatively long drift and so on you get experience points. There is even the opportunity to jerk off the springboard and enter the poster, as in Burnout Paradise . The game accurately calculates the flight range (as, for example, the number of cars you hit) and rewards with a bonus "exp".

However, comparing all this even with the latest Need for Speed: Most Wanted or with the same Burnout Paradise is difficult. If only because the city in Fast & Furious: Showdownabsolutely can not be called open. Here, invisible walls await you at every step - there are no bypass routes, gas stations where you can instantly repair a “car”, or places where you can quickly change it to another.

The tuning system is also primitive. Accumulating experience, the player grows in levels and unlocks new opportunities for "customization" of your favorite car, and those basically come down to painting options. There are also so-called mods, essentially “upgrades”, which work as passive skills in a role-playing game - one, for example, increases the “health” of a car, the second gives a bonus to speed, the third once in a race activates temporary invulnerability when your sobbed that will fall apart. But you can take only three of these improvements at a time, they open slowly and generally have little effect on the game.

However, the paradox is that one mission passes, another, gradually dismissive smile disappears from your face, and now, with burning eyes, sticking out your tongue, you are trying to butt a competitor or a cop and smear it on the fencing of the bridge (the benefit of the game is that the rear mirror is very successfully and conveniently implemented kind). Fast & Furious: Showdown is gaining momentum and, like the film, is taking above all an outrageous dynamics, madness. Moscow, Rio, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Mexico City - cities and events change every minute.

Here you are on special armored sports cars ram oncoming cars, making them laugh soaring into the air. Here, along with your partner, you are carrying a huge safe, fixed on chains, which hangs between your cars and blows everything that comes in its way. Here, on the night highway, catch up with the truck you need and whip it on the go - this will turn on a mini-game that looks more like a QTE. Then you (also on the go) hijack a fuel truck, previously jumping from tank to tank and detaching mines; take part in crazy races on city streets, jumping from springboards and landing right on barrels of gunpowder ...

At the same time Fast & Furious: Showdown- a very difficult game. Sometimes it turns out to win races, it’s a shame to admit, since the thirtieth. The fact is that, firstly, the control model is by no means primitive - you need to try to accurately enter the turn. Secondly, you are constantly disturbed. Auto opponents love to ram, butt and cut each other. And you, too, succumb to general fun, especially when peppy music sounds in the headphones. Then the cars strainedly smoke, sparkle with twisted sides, they suddenly begin to drift. Or do they fail at all.

In a word, there is enough adrenaline in this “Fast and the Furious”. Fast & Furious: Showdown will not conquer the game charts, it does not offer any innovations and breakthroughs. In places, it is difficult to distinguish it from a regular film license game, which deserves maximum space in the trash. But if you just relax, discard all unnecessary comparisons and give the game a chance, it will allow you to have fun at least a couple of hours. But is not this the main task of any video game in its original sense?

Pros: dynamics; a variety of missions and locations; spectacular destruction.
Cons: weak tuning system; the abundance of invisible walls; lack of an interesting network mode.

I definitely need to do up a list like this! I need focusing especially after maternity leave.

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