Photobook. Touching and beautiful memories

Those who have kept photo albums of grandparents, probably with special trepidation flipping through the yellowed pages with black and white photographs glued to the pages. In such albums you can often find not only the photographs themselves, but also touching souvenirs from the past: theater tickets, small drawings of children, cute notes. In the mid-twentieth century, families created not just photo albums, but real family photo books, which stored not only images, but also the atmosphere of that time.
At the end of the last century, practicality came first, store shelves filled with standard and faceless albums, where the most banal photographs were stored in soulless plastic pockets. But today, in part, the fashion for creating photo books is back. Retro style, which is not the first season has been popular, contributes to the fact that families suffer not just to collect a set of photographs, but to fill the photo album with special meaning and warm memories.
You can try to make a photo book yourself or order it at a special agency. Ready-made books are usually made in the form of a square or rectangle, and at the request of the customer, the book can have both soft and hard cover. Of course, hardcover photobooks look more solid, and such books are stored longer. By the way, the pages themselves can vary in thickness. Thin pages allow you to create a more voluminous book, but, unfortunately, they do not tolerate careless handling. But thick pages are very durable, but too many thick pages cannot fit into a book.
Even if you decide to order a photo book, and not do it yourself, it is worth taking an active part in the development of the layout. Perhaps the main key to success is the right choice of photos. Be sure to choose a photo so that important parts (for example, people's faces) do not appear on the fold, otherwise they will be difficult to see. In addition, important comments (labels or fundamental design elements) should not be placed near the edges of the pages, as they may be cut off during printing.
Well, in conclusion, we recall that it is better to design a book in a single style, correctly choosing a color scheme for all pages and one (maximum two) fonts; so the photo album will turn into a real rarity, which will be interesting to consider not only today, but also many years later. best online slots canada

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