Dead Rising 2: Case West: Friv Overview

Zombies have always been a more than gracious topic. Literally in any industry - especially in the cinema, and, of course, gaming. True, the presence of hobbling corpses is not the only guarantee of success, because not only what you do, but how is very important. That is why the Dead Rising series has earned respect, respect and crowds of fans - at first only in the ranks of the “console”, and with the release of the second part to the PC, “scribes” pulled themselves to them. Friv games play online at this website Play today at the best friv games.

Let Case West- just an addition to the second part of the fun about the extermination of the dead, but this did not stop him from becoming a rather noticeable moment in the development of the series. If only because an event happened, which most of the fans probably secretly dreamed of (and maybe not only) - the main characters of the two parts finally met. Despite so many different professional activities, this couple had a pretty good reason to combine their efforts. Chuck Greene, a motorcycle racer, is forced to constantly get more and more servings of medicine for his daughter. Well, Frank West (Frank West) has even more serious problems - he himself is infected with the virus. So, as you see, the heroes are full of motives to find those responsible for all this chaos, and also a cure for a terrible ailment. That's why they go to the factory, where, according to Frank,

The gameplay in Case West has not changed one iota - everyone who has completed at least one Dead Rising will have no problem navigating. Our task is to rush about the factory, to complete tasks (all of them will be somehow connected with a certain “dark horse” - it turns out that Frank has “his” man in the corporation) and, of course, destroy, break, blow up and destroy. In general, it is frantic to mow down crowds of zombies, who, according to the good old tradition, stick in countless rows. Although, in addition to the brainless inanimate creatures, you will also have to cope with living creatures that are quite alive and jauntily - here are factory workers, dressed in protective suits, and heavily armed special forces units.

But don't let this scare you. Firstly, the same "cops" after the murder, you can always take away an excellent "trunk". Well, and secondly, the combination of objects has not gone away in order to turn the garbage, which is dubious at first glance, into a formidable weapon. Things for such fun have become even more, and this means only one thing - the growth of fun exponentially.

As mentioned earlier, Case West gave players a unique opportunity to combine the forces of the main characters of both Dead Rising . So the passage implies the presence of two characters. By default, we act as Chuck, but Frank, armed with a baseball bat, covers us with all his might of artificial intelligence. He’s not capable of anything else, he’s not even able to pick up weapons - he has to supply him with more effective items for extermination.

But everything changes when they come! That is, when you have a lively and real partner for joint entertainment - after all, such a legendary meeting simply could not remain without a “cooperative”. In this case, the game is not just changing - we can say that it turns to us from a different angle, revealing and without embarrassment showing all its charms.

Of course, the main condition for a really fun and productive pastime is the successful selection of a partner. Random comrades are usually not able to show a good team game (especially if they do not speak your own language). Therefore, the only sure and repeatedly tested way is to invite someone from your own friends. In this case, the pleasure of Mochilov is almost guaranteed. Indeed, as before, all the action takes place in real time - missions are available only at certain hours. Therefore, we will have to practice in destroying crowds of the living dead just at the moments of waiting for the start of the next task. In the meantime, there’s a free minute, look with your partner for new items to combine or change your wardrobe - for this you have lockers located everywhere.

In fact, Case West paved the plot and semantic path to the events of the third part. Although what the scriptwriters will come up with (leave the duet or choose a completely different story for the story), so far no one knows. But we recommend that you buy an add-on (for a minute, it’s not free) only if you are obsessed with the virus by playing a game, or if you have friends who have guaranteed partners for sharing. For a single case warrior, Case West is an excuse to enjoy excellently set videos and follow the story. Otherwise, as in the case of Dead Rising 2 , we will have to entertain ourselves - to buy an add-on for this, which will take away your evening strength, is hardly worth it.

Pros: the long-awaited reunion of heroes, and even with the "cooperative"; a clear plot that answers some questions; all the same good old Mochilovo and Kromsalovo.
Cons: not interesting without a suitable partner for the passage (if only you are not really a fan).

I definitely need to do up a list like this! I need focusing especially after maternity leave.

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