Football Hooligan Factory 2013

Nick Neverne’s picture “Football Hooligan Factory” tells that even if it seems that the whole world has turned its back on you, there will always be a place where you will be needed. What is very scary for the average layman in peacetime? No, this is not about a delay in salaries or a bus that hasn’t arrived. Domestic troubles - these are household troubles that can happen to everyone individually. It is about what scares every single person caught in a crowded place. No, this is not appearance, clothing or manners, these are ... fans. No matter what, it is important that they are sometimes quite aggressive towards those who for some reason do not share their tastes. They always attract attention, they always strive to impose their tastes, they are organized, they are persistent, they prefer to run away from them. Or maybe they were not always like that? Maybe they studied this somewhere? They do not reveal their secrets personally, but, thanks to the movie Wrong, ordinary viewers have a chance to look at the world through the eyes of a fan.

The roles in this work are performed by: Kate-Lee Castle, Rita MacDonald Dumper, Jason Mazza, Lorraine Stanley, Peter Barrett, Juliet Oldfield, Ronnie Fox, Michael Lindley, Nick Neverne, Charlie Clapham, Tom Burke, Joseph Altin, Ray Faye.

Danny was never a diligent boy, but he could not even imagine that he, a teenager, would be expelled from school. And what do you order now? Parents are furious, former friends giggle behind their backs, but I want to reach incredible heights in order to remember youth with pride in the future. Fortunately, there is always a way out, although it does not always look very reliable. Fate brought Danny to the bully Dexter, who is the head of the group of so-called "football hooligans." Ardent fans of their hobby, fighters with unjust refereeing, never discouraging jokers and rowdy people. It’s an honor to be in their ranks, and Danny gladly accepts the offer to join the uneven but friendly ranks. That's just, not everything is so calm among the hooligans, as we would like? They have long been a fierce confrontation with a gang led by a type, nicknamed Baron, who simply dreams of destroying the Hooligans. To accomplish his goals, he does not shun anything: bribery of law enforcement agencies, purchase of weapons. The struggle for leadership and the right of priority battles in football matches with foreign rivals is reaching a new level. But what in this situation do Danny? $5 minimum deposit casino

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