Cyber-punk drama in 4 parts about youth, revolution and the wind of freedom. Prelude

1. Prelude

... Chippolino was sitting at the gates of the city prison, spreading a knapsack with uncomplicated possessions on the spattered pavement, lit up a goby still in the cell and wondered how he would live on. You can use your father for a week or two, - the old stump will be happy, - all the more, he has long been quietly drinking, tasting cheap onion vodka in his hut ... Then he will have to do business again: work for the accursed imperialists of Chippolino at the factory or in some I didn’t want a grocery store, so if I had just once robbed a normal house with jewels, or even better - a city bank ... From these thoughts, Chippolino plunged into the sweet, narcotic dope of dreams and woke up because someone was pushing him with his sleeve.

Having returned to reality with difficulty, Chippolino opened his eyes, and saw a policeman leaning over him. The cop's greasy mug broke into a smile.

- Tak-s. What do we have - a stroller? What a pity! So young, and already a criminal! Would you like to go to the bar?

- Mister policeman! I just sat back, to blame - freed! Do not be in jail! I will go to work at the plant, not knowing the age of will, that is, I wanted to say - honestly !!!

- Ok, tramp. Walk for now.

And with these words the policeman slowly left.

Glancing at the important policeman, Chippolino waited for a pause, spat spontaneously through his teeth and cursed: "Unclean trash." Then he picked up his knapsack, pulled up the striped prison pants a size larger than he should have, and sauntered along the street, heading for the old Chippolo's hovel.

On the way, he was met by old chums, with whom he had stolen even by a youngster - an old tweeter Violin and his girlfriend, Bryukovka. All three of them were extremely happy to meet, and all three together decided that the local majors Tomato and Lemon turned to the edge of the land and were out of business. A grandiose idea arose in Chippolino's head: he had not eaten since yesterday evening, and this greatly contributed to the surge of waves of inspiration into his young head that was clouded with nicotine.

- And let us, in kind, raise the crowd to the gangster!

- Like this?

- Well, for example, I or Bryukovka cling to some debris in front of passers-by, and we begin to load it with a bazaar until it starts, and then the main thing is to shout in time: “They are insulting the child!” Garbage - bastards! ”Here the crowd and gather. And then - easy: we take them to the Palace of Tomato and break everything we can. While the people are rampaging, we take the heads and throw.

- Cool! Chippolino, you - man!

2. The estate Cherry

In the family of two old wallets Countess Vysen, Cherry's nephew was raised. From their childhood, these old friends were poisoning the boy for his existence: they were forbidden to play cards in the courtyard with street teenagers, they were not allowed to smoke and drink. Therefore, a revolutionary spirit raged in the chest of a young pupil of the Countess from his youngest nails. Once, having secretly drunk a beer and walking around the kindergarten, he met Chippolino, who was dying away between two successive sittings. The boys quickly became friends: Chippolino brought cherry cakes to Cherry, and Cherry urinated the porridge from the master's kitchen. This continued until the maid serviced Cherry - the countess staged a brutal dressing and the meetings stopped. Moreover, local majors-burzhuiny - Tomato and Lemon began to walk into the house to them. Evil tongues said that they were secret pedophiles, and in their basement, equipped with all kinds of torture tools, many children's tears had spilled; and now the majors in collusion with the aunts laid eyes on Cherry ... viagra effet combien de temps viagra chute cheveux

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