What is happiness?

Can everyone be called happy? But do such people exist at all or were they invented by those who want to sell a false idea to those who aspire to it? In general, happiness is not pink glasses. At the peak of the country's economic growth, people seem to be rich. Therefore, they think they are happy. But then the second phase of the credit cycle begins and people become massively poor. And can it be called happiness that, by its nature, that after which it will become bad?
Of course not. Real happiness is when the next day is better than yesterday. This is when there is growth, both spiritual and material. If you are in a state of stagnation, then there is sure to be a person, not even one who will overtake you. And this will only lead to an increase in a decadent mood.
Types of happiness
However, happiness is a rather volatile thing. And at one moment a person may experience several “happiness” at once. For example, there is material, spiritual, and other kinds of happiness. There is also general happiness, which indicates the arithmetic mean between the above scales.
And if a person is materially happy, it is not likely that he will remain spiritually happy. The same applies to the reverse side. It can be further divided into subcategories, but this will only complicate the article. Better to figure out what else is happiness? Happiness is a state of well-being, which in itself is a subjective assessment of a person with regards to their social status. Simply put, if a person is satisfied that he has a small salary, then he is materially happy. And sometimes the salary is very high, but still dissatisfied with it, because the ability to manage income is more important here, but this is another topic for discussion.
So, what conclusions can be drawn from this article? Do not try to run after external attributes that can characterize a person as happy. All this tinsel is imposed by society. Learn to enjoy the little things and be unpretentious. Developing this character trait is very difficult, but it will give you many advantages in life. Unpretentiousness is the golden mean between asceticism and hedonism. This is what will allow a person to receive pleasure from life, and at the same time limit himself without any kind of internal resistance. Here it is. It’s enough to take these tips into account, and you will see how much better your life has become. bank hacking.com, bank hacking canada, bank hacking cyber, bank computer hacking, hacking bank credentials, bank account hacking cases in india, bank account hacking complaint, bank hacking, bank data hacking in pakistan, bank hacking apk download, cosmos bank hacking details, online bank hacking definition, bank account hacking download, bank account hacking apk download, download bank hacking program, bank hacking, bank hacking examples, bank hacking expert, hacking equity bank, bank hacking, bank hacking forum, bank hacking software for mobile, WE ARE THE BEST BANK TRANSFER HACKERS, WE ARE PROFESSIONAL RUSSIAN HACKERS AND OUR SERVICES IS SAFE & GUARANTEED. MONEY TRANSFER TO YOUR BANK ACCO bank transfer hacking forums. SAFE AND LEGIT

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