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Form a scene of a snug room with nice romantic music playing on the background. She approximates you from the bath wrapped in a white nice towel. You keep gazing at them and growing more and more curious. They kiss you and ask you to do what you always wanted to try in threesome sex. She kisses you again and again while you passionately move your fingers to her tits. You massage first girl's nipples and another girl sucks your dick faster and faster. You start to breathe deeply and understand what happens next second. You all desperately desire the most thrilling sex you could ever imagine. But she wants you to derive pleasure as much as possible so she starts dancing erotically in front of your face. She doesn't resist and let you do with her anything you could only imagine in your naughtiest wishes. You will begin to breathe harder and you are not able to hold yourself. At this point you explode for the first time. You get deeper and deeper into her hot body slightly nipping her nipples. And you ask her to put it deeper and deeper and simultaneously you fuck the other girl deeper and deeper. You are almost finished, but she goes beyound you. Her tits jiggle ardently. She begins to do it faster and faster and you sense your dick appears to pulsate. So you should know what may happen next.

I definitely need to do up a list like this! I need focusing especially after maternity leave.

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