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Assassin's Creed the last few years pretty stormy. Developers, as if covered by seasickness, throw from one side to another, from the manners of Tower Defense to the motherland of the Yankees and the wars of independence. It is worth paying tribute to Ubisoft - unlike the developers of another annual series, the creators of the assassins' saga constantly, if not always successfully, still tried to find new gameplay moves, open other setting horizons, to at least somehow refresh the mechanics that had gathered. Most of the innovations were not appreciated by the fans, and it became clear that it was necessary to decide on serious conceptual changes. And finally, the developers decided on them. Try to play on the best portal of online kizi games today and you will see that the entertainment industry is developing at a tremendous pace.

Timid steps in this direction have already been made in Assassin's Creed 3. However, at that time, Ubisoft did not know where to move in order to revive public interest in the franchise. And, although AC3 did not find much love from the public, the project provided invaluable assistance to the creative team of Ubisoft , pointing out two main vectors for the successful development of the series.

First of all, the fans accepted sea battles with a bang. Moreover, many critics claimed that it was the best innovation. Secondly, the third part became a landmark for the main trend characterizing the evolution of the series, namely, the departure from the themes of confrontation between Assassins and Templars. The authentic spirit remained buried in the Holy Land with Altair. Corresponded to him, but to a much lesser extent, Ezio. Connor, in general, fought for democratic freedoms, for the rights of blacks, and for his Indian family, and not for the ideals of fraternity.

In general, the loss of characteristic features did not embarrass anyone much - the main complaints were about the bored gameplay, plot absurdities and senseless innovations. And then in Ubisoft understood: "Well, it turns out, you can make games of the Assassin's Creed seriesnot about the assassins, but about anyone! ”Where, then, should we move on? Along with the first lesson learned from Connor, the answer about the direction was obvious: the course should be taken on the 18th century Caribbean Sea — a cocktail of salty water, rum, free-water sweat and blood.

Immediately it was necessary to decide what to do with such an important feature of the series as time travel with the help of “Animus”. After all, Desmond Miles is already dead, and the storyline seems to be as finished. The authors decided not to abandon the "Animus", but to change its value for the disclosure of the plot. Black Flag could do without episodes in modern times, so small their significance.

We act as a new employee of Abstergo Corporation, studying genetic memory and mastering the technology of experiencing the experience of someone's ancestors. We get a project whose task is to compile the biography of Edward Kenway - a brave pirate, and in combination with one of the grandfathers of our friend Radunhageyd.

The historical part of the gameplay will occasionally be interrupted, allowing us to walk around the office of the corporation, solve simple puzzles and get acquainted with gigabytes of very interesting information. In Ubisoft 's all right with a sense of humor and self-irony: in the computers of colleagues can be found amusing notes about which era suitable for engine AS why the twentieth century does not lie in the mechanics of the game, can appear in a series of zombies. There will be a couple of mentions of Watch_Dogs. It turns out that the ctOS network is one of the Abstergo products!

With each new part of Ubisoft , the Templar Assassins-conflict went further and further away. Black Flag continued this trend, literally "spitting" in the face of the bloated pathos of the Assassin Code of the first part. The hero, in the sleeves of which the retractable blades will be hidden this time, is an immoral type who is engaged in trolling all the order party we know. He has no ideological convictions and belief in pious ideals, only the brilliance of gold and the sound of coins motivate Edward Kenway to take risks.

But the authors had to somehow justify the existence of the traditional costume of the protagonist. And they did it very gracefully. A pirate by nature, Edward gets involved in a big adventure, once killing an assassin and putting on his clothes. All would be nothing, but Kenway, sensing a considerable profit, gets used to the role and goes to the Templar headquarters, where the victim was sent with a treacherous mission. So begins the story of his uneasy relations with two orders, in which Edward adheres principally to the position of a disinterested observer, but he sympathizes, of course, with the assassins.

Chasing artifacts and destroy the Templars, we will exclusively for commercial purposes. Fighting in the taverns, the plundering of ships and the defense of the native town of Nassau, oppressed by the British and Spanish metropolitan areas, are recognized as primary tasks in the pirate community. Jolly Roger, brothels, rum, charismatic characters like Blackbeard - the topic of piracy is fully disclosed here.

We will spend at least half the time on the high seas. UbisoftI realized that “more” does not mean “better” - the concept of huge cities is in the past. This time we have a whole archipelago with a huge number of small islands, villages and other interesting places. Plow through the expanses of water, we can completely freely, without any podzagruzok - the game world really was a success for the glory. The gaming community has already managed to yearn for the pirate romance of the penultimate "Corsairs" - Black Flag managed to get it back.

A significant role in creating the atmosphere is played by the rich color coloring of the environment. Yes, the graphics in Black Flag are simply amazing, the episodes of Edward sitting on the synchronization towers are fascinating, and you can admire the local water for hours. However, in addition to technological bells and whistles, Ubisoft artists have very well chosen the color scheme: the infinite brightness of the environment strongly resembles Far Cry 3.

Water landscapes look so realistic that you really get scared when the holiday of sunshine gives way to a dark hurricane and a storm that caught you in the open sea. Weather conditions change dynamically, leaving its imprint directly on some sides of the gameplay. So, in stormy weather, because of the rippling sea, it is more difficult to aim at enemy ships, besides, you need to try to meet the killer waves in the front of the ship to minimize damage. And if you are “lucky” to get into the funnel of a wandering whirlwind, desynchronization cannot be avoided.

The beautifully recreated pirate setting naturally evoked comparisons with another vivid representative of the genre - "Corsairs" . Nevertheless, they are just a common theme. Micromanagement in AC4very poorly developed - you will not have to worry about feeding the team here. There is no serious trade as such, all that will allow us is to sell the stolen rum and sugar in the shop. Of course, we are not dealing with a simulator, so such flaws are not significant. However, some of the oddities of casualness are given away by another chip that is really important for the concept — battles at sea.

Of course, sea battles look amazing. Colorful effects, great dynamics, destructible ships, various types of cores with their own characteristics - all this makes Black Flag water fights one of the best in the history of video games. When it comes to boarding, you come to silent delight. At that moment, when your team throws hooks on someone else’s side, and you reach the enemy with masts to make a fatal jump from above on the ship’s captain, you begin to believe that you have the best simulator of piracy.

However, when you come to yourself, you understand that Ubisoftin the name of beauty and showiness, they had to sacrifice a considerable amount of realism. Yes, here we can create our own fleet, but there is no need for it - “Galka” alone can sink an entire armada. The fact is that during boarding the rest of the ships that participated in the battle cease firing at us and indifferently draw circles around. Having seized a ship, we can use its resources to repair our own ship. It happens instantly, so that by focusing on one enemy vessel, we can destroy an infinite number of enemies by performing a boarding and “healing from wounds” in time.

Properly mastered this technique, you can go through a significant part of the plot without pumping "Galki". In addition, the game has one funny bug that allows you to capture even the biggest ships from the very beginning. However, if you close your eyes to these absurdities, it is very exciting to engage in modernization. You will never have a lot of money - all the cash goes to upgrade your character and ship. In addition to them, we will need other resources as well: the skins and meat of animals will be used to improve Kenway’s inventory, and wood and metal - to upgrade Galki.

I definitely need to do up a list like this! I need focusing especially after maternity leave.

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